We’re expanding rapidly and offer our concept on a franchise basis. We’re primarily looking for partners across the UK and in the major business hubs worldwide. The persons we’re looking for are probably from the communication or event industries or are just passionate about creating great events. We’d love to hear from you!


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What We Offer

We offer a turnkey concept with 15 off-the-shelf products to supercharge company meetings, exclusive in your region.

Our concept is based on proven methodology that combines gamification techniques, off-the-shelf products and proprietary technology.

We have a support team ready to kick start your operations and offer continuous support every day. Furthermore, our innovation team constantly comes up with new products for you to sell, while the tech team makes sure everything runs smoothly on your shiny new tabs.

Why We Exist

It all started with some questions: Why are so many meetings ineffective? Why do messages so rarely stick? When did meetings become lectures?

Long lectures, uncomfy seats, one-way conversations and all that sitting around seemed like an unlikely recipe for success.

Active Learning is the process of using activities to spark discussion and group work to bolster audience engagement and enhance learning

We bring Active Learning to Corporate Events and boost knowledge retention, engagement and meeting ROI.

Why We Stand Out

Our strength lies in our ability to customize our work to clients’ needs without doing the same work twice. We are 75 % standardized and 25 % bespoke.

We design gamified, highly engaging workshops and games using an elegant mix of analogue tools and the latest event technology: Computer tablets, web applications and carefully crafted game boards and canvases.

We create bespoke experiences based on one of our 15 product templates or previous cases from our vault of over 500 case studies across Europe. All our offices share their best practice and every event we’ve delivered across Europe is available online for all Green Hat People staff to be inspired by.

The Challenges We Solve

Recognize these?

“We need everyone to truly live our values, not just read about them”

“We want our top 140 managers aligned and excited by our new strategy”

”We need to connect 900 employees and make them feel as one company”

Our Solutions
Workshops & Interactive Tools

We take a different approach to meetings. Forget passive spectators in darkened auditoriums! Our proven concepts turn employees into active contributors to make sure the client’s message sticks.

Unbeatable Team Activities

Our exhilarating, dynamic challenges unlock the power of your team. Using gamification techniques, teams work together while exploring and experiencing the client’s message first hand. Most activities can be customized to their location.

Off-the-shelf Business Games

We put the client’s message at the core of our captivating games to energize and engage teams; while at the same time, sparking an understanding and connection with their business like never before.

Who We’re Looking For
You’re a Challenger

You like new things and recognize that the world of corporate events needs something new and fresh. You want to challenge your customers and help them understand that they need to activate their employees in fresh, exciting ways.

You Are Systematic

You understand that there is a proven formula and are willing to learn and apply it to your own market in a systematic, step by step process.

You’ve Got The Contacts

You already know people in the events industry or in large corporations that might be interested in hearing more about activated meetings.

You’re Gonna Hit The Streets

You value sales, not talking about sales. You are a profoundly action-oriented person that enjoys results, and you don’t mind delegating things like operations or accounting to specialists.

Ready to join?

Interested in finding out more?


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