Tailored Onboarding Days Introduce your organisation to staff in a new more engaging way

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We help clients take corporate onboarding days to the next level, by making them fun, energising and measurable.

How to make your Onboarding Welcome Days outstanding

A full day of lectures and presentations is not the best format when you want to welcome and inspire new staff. We have along experience of taking corporate onboarding and induction days to the next level, by making them more energising while also embedding important knowledge.

How we make it happen

We use digital technology and game mechanisms to enable staff to learn, have fun and share insights. This is done by inserting short break-out sessions in-between your presentations. The break-outs let small teams of new staff discuss the main take-away from the presentation and send a response. The teams are asked to summarise the message, discuss opportunities and obstacles or provide their point of view.

By using a peer-2-peer learning format, knowledge is embedded much more effectively as they can learn from each other and ask questions. In all honesty, how many new recruits would raise their hands in plenum and ask for a clarification of the strategy?

Example of an Onboarding Day

Every Onboarding Welcome Day is tailored to your needs but we have a number of off-the-shelf formats that we typically work with.

1. Pre Meeting App

A few days before the welcome day, each participant is sent a link to a web app. The purpose of the app is to build excitement, engage engage them and gather data and insights. 


2. Kick off the day

We always recommend starting the day with a short, fun Ice Breaker game, played in teams of 3-6 people using tablets. The purpose is to get people to relax, get to know each other and get into a talkative mode.


3. Introduction

The data from the pre meeting app is a great way to get started. Show people that you listen and care about their insights and expectations. This is usually followed by an introduction to the senior leadership team and the company vision and strategy.

4. Presentations and break-outs

Throughout the day we complement the PowerPoint presentations with Interactive group work. The break-outs can be anything from 1 - 15 minutes depending on the topic. Usually some data is shown straight away for a short debrief to reinforce the message or to clarify.


5. Showcase different Business Areas

If you would like to introduce the different parts of the company, an interactive walk can provide for some new energy. Using tablets, teams move around the venue and visit stands representing the different divisions. The tabs are timed to rotate the teams at set intervals, and help them engage with the content.


6. Play the Onboarding Game

The Onboarding Game is a fun and engaging way of introducing the company to new staff. The focus of the game is on understanding the most difficult topics like Vision, Strategy and Culture & Values, through discussion and dilemmas and takes between 60-90 minutes.



7. Finish off with a fun tailored Team Activity

Our interactive Challenge is a treasure trail style activity that can be tailored to your company and let teams compete against each other in a really fun and engaging way.


I want to know more


We will tailor the format to your needs. When it comes to delivery, you can choose to let our staff help out throughout the day or run it on your own using tablets or laptops, with remote support.

Track progress live

Our solutions are digital, so all the data that comes in can be tracked in real time on dashboards. This enables a great debrief where you can show data, clarify things or reinforce the message. 

You can also track data from individual sessions to detect differences over time.

  • Analyse level of understanding
  • Get insights from staff
  • Compare countries, divisions, teams, functions etc
  • Drill down to individual answers



What you get out of it

The outcome of the Onboarding Day is a better understanding of how your business works, what defines your culture and which the right behaviours are. Our methodology is to let small groups of new staff work together to understand their new company’s culture.

Our solution is designed to provide an immersive experience consisting of a blend of interactive elements, like taking part in workshops and solving dilemmas but also to interact with other members of staff and have fun together.

In the end we want people to understand not just the What, but the Why. This will trigger the right attitude and behaviours, and give you the most valuable asset your company will ever have - future culture ambassadors.


Next steps

We have along experience of designing engaging onboarding solutions. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your onboarding or induction. We'd be happy to arrange a demo, provide case studies or to setup a live meeting.


Case Studies anyone?

Drop us an email by clicking here if you want a pdf with 6 case studies today. No obligations what so ever. 


What our clients think of our onboarding solutions

”What an energy level! You didn’t want to interrupt.”-
  - HR Director, Multinational Construction company


“This represents a unique opportunity for our new employees to learn more about our products and simultaneously meet and collaborate with their colleagues.”
  - VP Global HR Group Staff & Functions, Global Household Appliance manufacturer


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Introduce your Culture, Values and way of doing things to new staff

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Feel welcome from day one!

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