Bring the Values to life Embed the Values and Behaviours with an ongoing training programme

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The key is to identify the right behaviours and put them into action. Find out how.

Bring the Values and Behaviours to life - Overview

After a successful launch of your Core Values, you want to put them into action. The best way to start living the values is to identify behaviours that are in line with them. If people don't act according to the values in the workplace, nothing will change. We have designed a series of workshops and games to identify the right behaviours, to help staff understand them in practical terms and to put them into action. 

Ongoing Values Training programme

Do you want a bullet proof way for the values and behaviours stay top of mind in the next 3 years? We help you setup quarterly activations that engage staff and make sure they start acting according to the right behaviours. 




Define Behaviours Workshop

Step 1 is usually to take the values from being inspirational to something more tangible. What do the values actually mean in practice, in terms of how we act and behave? The Define the Behaviours workshop is designed to facilitate this and let your staff be an important part of the process, for maximum buy-in and commitment. 

The workshop takes around 2 hours and is run in small groups of 3-6 people. The aim is to provoke discussion and to gather a large number of tangible examples of how to act from all levels of the organisation.  As the workshops are run on laptops or tablets, everything can be tracked live on your Values Dashboard. This allows for very interesting comparison in how teams, locations, divisions etc perceive the values and behaviours differently. Senior leadership can then refine the input and finalise the "official" behaviours.

The workshop can be run self-managed by you, across the organisation using laptops or tablets. We offer support and will tailor the workshop to suit your needs.


Behaviours Training Workshops - Repeat in a Micro Learning Format

The best way to change behaviours is to practise regularly, just like physical training. We help you design a programme of short, engaging group exercises, run by local teams on a regular basis. These micro learning workshops and games aim to remind staff about the behaviours and to connect the behaviours to work by utilising story telling and dilemmas.

In contrast to expensive off site training or lengthy e-learning programmes, micro learning can be incorporated into staff’s daily routines, like weekly meetings. The workshops are run in small groups and typically take 10-30 minutes.

Bring the Values to life - Timeline

Achieving real change takes time. We offer you a structured and engaging way of making sure the values stay top of mind and don't fade after the initial launch. The launch phase and subsequent months are typically more intense with lots of activities. Going forward, the number of activities drop to a more sustainable level, on a quarterly basis.



Values Boosters

Values Booster is an app that helps people put the values into action in a competitive format. Although simple to use, we apply advanced gamification mechanisms and always customise entirely to your organisation.

Log activities and win together

First, we decide on 3-5 key activities that represent living the values for real. We then divide the participants into teams that compete in bringing the values to life. Whenever someone takes action, they log that activity in a web app, take a picture and collect points for them and/or their team. 


Visualisation for maximum engagement

Everything is tracked on live leaderboards that can be easily accessed on people's smart phones, laptops or on company LCD screens. You can choose to let people compete in a number of ways, including site vs site and towards a company goal.

Pulse Surveys

We help you track how your organisation performs and how staff feel about the Culture & Values. Pulse Surveys let you ask staff on a weekly or monthly basis instead of once a year. The surveys feed in to your Values Dashboard, allowing you to monitor any changes live. The surveys are distributed to staff via email or text messages.


Team Building Activities - Lockdown: Escape Game

Lockdown is an immersive and interactive mobile Escape Game. Locked in a “room”, participants have 60 minutes to solve challenging puzzles linked to your Culture and Values. The game is played in groups of 4-6 participants using tablets/laptops and various props. As the teams progress, more levels are opened up with increasing difficulty. The aim is to crack challenges, collect letters and solve the final password to escape.

Communicating a message through a game is a great way to drive engagement. Lockdown can be played anywhere, does not require individual rooms and is entirely customisable.


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Time frame and setup

Our Bring to Life Solutions are all template based for easy adaption and can be deployed quickly. We cater to all kinds of industries and company sizes. Please get in touch to find out more or to set up an online demo.


The workshops and games are web based, so there is no need to download any software. It runs on any web connected device, including smart phones, PCs and tablets.

Follow up with more  engaging Activation Modules for teams and individuals

Values aren't taken to heart by sitting alone at your desk. We have a range of smart and fun activities that tie in with the core values and behaviours and let people live and express them together. These games and activities can easily be integrated into your recurring meeting structure, like annual meetings, town hall meetings or local department meetings.

Rollout across your organisation 

Before rolling out across thousands of staff in multiple countries we advise starting with a pilot for management or at a specific site. We then adapt according to feedback to ensure the rollout works as well as possible. Some clients prefer a simultaneous global rollout while others implement through a road show.

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Assess & Define your Culture and Values

Values Prelaunch Preparations

Assess & Define your Culture and Values

Before defining or redefining your values, you need to understand how your staff and other stake holders perceive your values. A Culture & Values Survey is a great way to get started.
Core Values Games and Workshops

Launch and Reignite your Culture & Values

Core Values Games and Workshops

Want to create an exciting launch? Core Values Game is the perfect tool to present and launch a new set of values. By using a game format we help transform your values and behaviours into tangible, fun exercises. The game is played in groups of 3-6 people, using a game board and tablets.