Electrolux wanted to create a standardized, more engaging way to educate and welcome new employees to the company

Tablets guide participants to different stations

Electrolux gathered 60 new employees and divided them into teams of 6 participants. Each team was equipped with a pre-programmed Tablet that guided them to the different stations on exact times and in perfect synchronization with other teams.

Dialogue and gamification means efficient information sharing

In each room, a presentation was held on a specific topic. Since all rooms were active simultaneously, the large group could be divided into sub-groups that were given a closer contact with speakers and products exhibited in the stands. This closer contact enables a question/answer-dialogue between speakers and audience that makes communication much more efficient and engaging.

Also, the tablets triggered engaging quizzes and game-like questionnaires that put knowledge to the test and laid the basis for an entertaining experience.

“A unique opportunity to learn and network with colleagues”

Berit Hägglund-Marcus, VP Global HR Group Staff & Functions: “This represents a unique opportunity for our new employees to learn more about Electrolux products and simultaneously meet and collaborate with their colleagues.”

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