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Case Studies

Core Values

Get employees dedicated around organizational values and goals

Industry leading eye tracking company Tobii bought its American competitor Dynavox, which created a company with two different cultures. Creating a common set of values was an important part of the integration process of Tobii and Dynavox. 

Presentations from stage were kept to a minimum; instead focus was geared towards group discussions, workshops and business games that triggered engagement, networking and shared insights. Finally, a tailor-made Values Game was used to communicate and achieve buy-in on corporate values and identity.

“We came here as a group of people that thought we were working as a team but we’re leaving here as a family of people working as a team.” – Tony Pavlik, VP of Operations at Tobii Dynavox:

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Core Values

Creating engagement for off site participants

Powel wanted to create excitement around its Core Values at the annual meeting. However, with 300 of 450 employees not present physically, how to ensure full engagement?

By running a digital business game on laptops and tablets, all teams (even off site ones) could participate with the results and feedback accessible on screens in real time.

Quick Facts: 450 participants, 12 locations in Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland and Chile

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A modern Onboarding day

Electrolux wanted to create a more engaging way to educate and welcome new employees. First, the new employees were divided into teams of 6. Each team was equipped with a pre-programmed Tablet that guided them to different stands on exact times and in perfect synchronization with other teams.

At each stand, staff from a certain division would present their work. Then the tablets triggered engaging quizzes and game-like questionnaires that put knowledge to the test and laid the basis for an entertaining experience. 

“This represents a unique opportunity for our new employees to learn more about Electrolux products and simultaneously meet and collaborate with their colleagues.” – Berit Hägglund-Marcus, VP Global HR Group Staff & Functions

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Brain Storming

Brainstorming on campaigns and business opportunities

Pernod hired us to create a gamified event for 300 participants. The goal was to brainstorm the coming year’s marketing campaign and new business opportunities. 

The Museum of Modern Art set the mood

For maximum inspiration we ran the event at Stockholm Museum of Modern Art. Staff were divided into small teams, and handed a tablet. The tabs gave instructions and guided them to a series of predetermined artworks. The teams discussed creative elements found in the artwork, which was used as a source of inspiration for future marketing campaigns.

The creative ideas were available online straight away, then coupled with mood images and descriptive texts. The best ideas were singled out for further discussion and idea generation in a second workshop.

The result – a game-oriented brainstorming exercise, which led to many exciting ideas and motivated employees.

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Audience Engagement

A corporate event in the insurance industry is usually all about hard numbers and statistics – How do you shift focus towards culture and sense of purpose in a meaningful way?

Zurich Insurance asked us to create a corporate meeting for 160 delegates that was less about reporting numbers and more about what makes employees feel for the job. Presentations from stage focused on highlighting customer problems and the important role that Zurich plays in helping businesses make a difference without worrying about risk.

Focus was geared towards the real problems that clients have and how Zurich can work to solve them in the best way possible. The message was all about giving employees a greater sense of purpose and understanding the difference they make for their clients, highlighting the importance of thinking from a customer perspective.

The workshops were run both at a venue but also in cafes and restaurants across the city. Using our game Exploration Challenge, teams were sent on missions around town and breaks in the game were scheduled so that the teams could find areas to sit down and conduct the workshops.

“The day was fantastic. We got the message across in a really engaging way. The communication was two-way, the games were fantastic, everyone got really involved and I think that everyone leaves the event with a feeling that they were part of something. ” – Alan Moore, Chief Underwriting Officer at Zurich

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Audience Engagement

Global Management meeting with Audience Interaction

Seco Tools wanted to create a meeting with more engagement and participation. To achieve this we complemented the PowerPoint presentations with interactive workshops and group break out sessions. Tablets were used to facilitate the interactive sessions and all ideas and responses were available straight away online for a quick debrief and for sharing of best practice. 

Throughout the two days, participants were also using our conference app ViewPipe to send individual comments, ideas and questions to the meeting organisers.

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Audience Engagement

Placing Values in focus

How do you get 250 IT managers from all over Scandinavia engaged in reflecting about their own roles in your organisation? You involve them in questions and have them reformulate and change company leadership criteria.

At a management meeting we ran a series of interactive exercises and workshops. The participants used their own their smartphones to answer a number of challenging questions during a presentation. The data that came in was accessible live and was used by the conference organisers for further discussion in the preceeding session. This methodology was then repeated throughout the meeting, but on different themes.

– Strong focus on group exercises
– Mobility throughout the facility; rooms were assigned different themes
– Guided brainstorming

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Core Values

Objective: Communicate new corporate Values

Abbvie wanted to communicate the corporate values in a really vivid
and engaging way and to increase the understanding of what the values stand for.

Since one of the themes of the company meeting was music we
created a customized music industry business game that incorporated the values of Abbvie. Each team was given the role as A&R for a large record label. Their end goal was to “sign” an artist, by successfully
completing a number of missions. The values were really well understood and well supported across the organization.

“A genuine value was created as it was customized
for us, utilizing our values” – Christian Horn, Abbvie

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Customer Centricity

Understanding what a product launch meant to all the stakeholders

To get a deeper understanding of what the launch means not only to Gilead employees, but to other stake holders; doctors, patients, society etc. Solution”Shared experiences”. The teams visited two hospitals and a non profit organisation and met with stakeholders there.

Between the visits the teams participated in work shops back at the conference center, relating to their own experiences. In addition to the work shops, fun team challenges were completed to boost energy levels and and a bit of fun.

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Achieving a more engaging onboarding day

NCC Housing wanted an increased interaction between presenters and the audience and a quick and easy way to gather information from the participants. 

Our solution included:
1. Four identical sessions consisting of: a 15 minute presentation on stage, 6 minutes of group discussion relating to the presentation, 4 minutes of coming up with solutions.
2. One session where participants could choose freely from 8 themes and spend time discussing that specific topic.
3. A 90 minute engaging team activity before dinner with customized missions connecting to the meeting.

The participants, especially people from Eastern European countries, really felt they understood the key messages in a better way with our methodology, 

”What an energy level! You didn’t want to interrupt.”-
Jenny Lilja Lagercrantz – HR Director NCC Housing

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New head office

How to create an engaging tour of the new head office for 1000 people in 90 minutes?

Skanska had just moved in to their new global head office and wanted to let all 1000 employees at the head office get a fully interactive and engaging experience of the new building in 1.5 hours.

The participants were divided into 125 teams, starting off at 5 different floors. All teams were given a tablet and at the exact same moment, all 125 teams got instructions to get moving. The teams spent 11 minutes on each floor, exploring the surroundings through a number of fun and useful time limited missions. “Find and count the rooms in the training center”, “Take a picture while drinking tea in the cafeteria”, “How many bikes fit in the garage?”, “What rules apply when booking meeting rooms?” etc. The missions were communicated on the tablets and were scored. Every 11 minutes everyone switched floors simultaneously, allowing 3 minutes for transportation. No bottlenecks, just focus on a fun engaging experience!

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Engage 1500 staff in charity simultaneously across 11 airports

Swedavia manages 11 airports and wanted to let all 1500 employees get engaged in charity
while simultaneously competing against each other, across 11 airports in Sweden.

We created  acustomised team building game where the participants were divided into around 350 teams and the game was run in three heats. The game objective was two-fold:

  1. Compete against each other by finding up to 25 codes, hidden around the airports.
  2. Cooperate by jointly reaching a certain score (minimum 50 000 points). That score would then be converted to money, given to charity.

The game was a great success and the teams exceeded the goals. During the game many teams spontaneously started collaborating by sharing the locations of the codes. This to ensure that all colleagues found as many of them as possible so the overall goal could be reached easier.

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Audience Engagement

Creating a better understanding of coaching & feedback procedures

At a national meeting for branch office managers from the retail banking division, Nordea wanted managers to get a thorough understanding of the internal coaching & feedback procedures, including harmonizing the company employee rating standards.

A number of training areas were created, each designed to allow teams to really practice the skills hands-on. A tablet gave instructions and guided the teams to the locations simultaneously. Analogue and digital tools were used throughout the day. The training areas were:

COOPERATION – Tested cooperative skills through a tough business game.
CLIENT MEETINGS – Watched films from client meetings & practiced giving feedback.
GOALS – Used the SMART model and practiced setting goals in a structured way.
RATING STANDARDS – Work shop about setting a company wide employee rating standard.


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Core Values Diversity

Communicating Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in a fun way

In partnership with events planner, Rockitfish, we devised an employee engagement activity for a Skills Development client, based around EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion). In the game, a disgruntled employee had infiltrated the company’s system and locked down the files. To release them, his former colleagues had to prove that they understood the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Coined the ‘Diversity Challenge’, this classic ‘Escape Room’ style game asked groups to solve puzzles and unravel clues. All tasks, as well as being fun and engaging, were tailored to EDI.

 ‘The group activity was a huge success with the HR team – it definitely fuelled our competitive spirit, and truly brought EDI to life. Well done on providing such an engaging activity’ – Head of HR Professional Services

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Core Values Culture

Embedding Core Values as a International roll-out

Multinational pharmaceutical firm Almirall wanted a solution that would allow them to share their updated core values with employees across six branches across Europe. Employees would need to not only understand these values but also apply them to situations. We developed a workshop structure that allows the company to self-run sessions for up to 40 staff, broken down into smaller teams of five. The workshop took the form of a game, built around the company’s revitalised values. Rather than a competitive game, Almirall was keen for the quiz to spark discussion, to enable them to understand how individuals were adapting to the changes.

Feedback from individuals was incredibly positive. Teams have evidently been comfortable with the familiarity of the board game structure, while still felt challenged and educated by the questions asked and dilemmas posed. This combination of fun and challenge is what makes events such as these so valuable.

Most importantly, it has given Almirall a clear indication of how well their workforce is adapting to the company’s new direction, and what areas might still need addressing. At the end of each two-hour workshop, employees have been debriefed and asked how they feel the session went, and what they felt needed further discussion. This critical feedback has not only helped to evolve the workshop structure, but also the strategic direction of the organisation as a whole.

‘Easy to implement to all levels of the company and easy to use, intuitive, didactic and fun.’

‘A very creative way of generating useful employee insight to move the organisational culture forward.’


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