Step 6: What Happens Next?

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Take Your First Step To Becoming An Area Developer

What Happens Next?

Once you have decided that you want to find out more about becoming a Green Hat People Area Developer the first thing that you will need to do will be to contact us to arrange a telephone conversation prior to attending any meeting or Discovery Day with Green Hat People.

During that conversation we will be looking to gather some information from you in order to prepare you and Green Hat People for any initial meeting. We will be asking you for information about your background, business experience and also an idea of your financial situation just to make sure that your are able to fully invest and fund the development of the Green Hat People business.


CV and Personal Information Memorandum

As part of the process of finding the right Area Developers, we will ask you for some personal information. This is usually after any initial telephone conversation and before any attendance at a meeting or Discovery Day.

We will ask for a CV and we do send an online Personal Information Memorandum (or application form) which we would like you to complete in as much detail as you feel comfortable with. These are important to us in starting to build a great future business relationship, as we get to talk about YOU and how your experiences and plans could make you our perfect Area Developer.

Discovery Days / Initial Meetings

These will be held in the UK. The Discovery Days will be events where you can find out more about the events themselves in action and we will only be running a few throughout the year.

If you want to progress your interest specifically now, then it is best to arrange a 121 initial meeting. We can arrange this once we have had an initial telephone conversation.

What Happens After The Meeting?

The initial meeting is really a process of both parties finding out more about each other and also to see if an on-going business relationship can be formed.

If both sides feel happy then the next stages in the process are outlined below:

More Information Needed?

Let us know what else is needed for you to happy in proceeding or if we need more information about your background.

Prepare Business Plan And Get Funding Agreed In Principle

We can introduce Business Planners and also help support introductions to banks who are willing to fund Area Developer (franchise) business models.

Take Advice On Legal Agreement

We can provide a list of independent contacts who can review the legal agreement.

Second Meeting

Present Business Plan and both parties confirm willingness to proceed. The Area Developer will present to the Directors of Green Hat People their business plan to ensure they have sufficient understanding of the business they are investing in.

Letter Of Intent And Deposit

5% of start-up investment paid.

Agreement Signed

Entrance Fee Paid, Letter of Credit presented.

Initial Training Planned / Development Plan Started

Training will include Employee Engagement theories, Sales theories, Product portfolio introduction, Game building tools, Running events and Education and training of staff. Staff from GHP will be present at the first events run by the Area Developer.

Launching The Business

Website finalization, setup of phone and chat contact, launching ads in Adwords and Facebook, Initiate Client Discovery Days and setting up a proactive sales plan.

We really look forward to hearing from you!


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