Step 5: Who we’re looking for and What’s in it for you?

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We’re looking for partners who want to build their own business but still be part of a large network

Start By Asking Yourself These Questions

Would you enjoy the challenge of bringing a new brand to your market?

Does organisational and culture change excite you? 

Do you have B2B Sales and Marketing experience?

Do you have good organisational skills and an outgoing personality?

Are you hard working and self-motivated?

Do you have the ability to invest time, effort and finances into this opportunity?

Above all else, do you want to build a profitable and long-term business?

If your answer to these questions is yes, we suggest you keep on reading.

What's most important if you want to be successful in driving this business is to understand that it will require meeting clients. Lots of them.

We Bring Concepts And Systems, Tried And Tested

The nice thing about our product range is that we've been refining it to perfection in the last 10 years. Over one million people have tried our services which gives us deep market knowledge.

So the technical platform, the products and the manuals are all ready. All you have to do is find people who need better and more modern meetings.

All business is local

We're not from your part of the country, so one thing we can't really bring to the table is business contacts and feet on the ground, and that's where you come in.

Are you looking for a career change? Do you want to hit the streets and start spreading the word? Do you like sales? Then you might be the person we're looking for.

Personality And Experience

You're a Challenger. You like new things and recognize that the world of corporate communication needs something new and fresh. You want to challenge your customers and help them Engage their employees in fresh, exciting ways. And you want to join our Area Developers below.

You Are Systematic

You understand that there is a proven formula and are willing to learn and apply it to your own market in a systematic, step by step process.

You've Got The Contacts

You already know people in the industry or in large corporations that might be interested in Active Learning and better Employee Engagement.

You're Gonna Hit The Streets

You value sales, not talking about sales. You are a profoundly action-oriented person that enjoys results, and you don't mind delegating things like operations or accounting to specialists.

 The profile we are looking for

Entrepreneurial professionals with a solid experience of Business Transformation, Change and Corporate learning, especially with a focus on Culture. A background in Consulting, HR, Communications, L&D is desirable. 


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What You Will Actually Do

Marketing & Sales

You will be introducing our products to businesses ranging from multi-nationals to small local companies, following our tried and tested marketing and sales processes.

You'll Be Involved in Delivery as well

Especially during the start-up phase, you will be closely involved in the delivery of these services by running the activities at the meetings and events. This will give you the opportunity to identify and respond to any other issues that might provide further sales.

We'll Make Sure You Get Training And Support

You will benefit from comprehensive training, support, advice and guidance based on our track record in Europe.  This will include both initial training and ongoing training in the UK and Sweden as well as on-the-ground support in managing your first delivery. One of the founders now lives in London to facilitate the UK expansion.

It's A Large Market Out There

The products and services that we offer can be utilised by both small businesses and large corporates, giving you a great market to target.

A day in the life of an Area Developer Entrepreneur

A typical Area Developer delivers hundreds of meetings and roll-outs every year, some really small and others huge. Your market will be as large or larger than the ones we already operate in, so there will be no shortage of work opportunities.

But We've Done A Lot Of The Work For You

Once you've sold a concept to a client, your co-workers will get the information and material they need so that you can keep on meeting clients and they can take care of the deliveries.

That process has been tested and streamlined to perfection by us. What you need to focus on is setting up an automatic flow of new clients coming in through marketing and sales, and then ensuring that interested parties are converted to buying clients.

Marketing And Sales

One thing that is quite unique with our setup is that we offer activities for really small (6) as well as really huge groups (thousands at once).

AdWords, LinkedIn and Facebook Will Ensure a Continuous Flow of Small Clients


We'll help you set up a smart, tested marketing strategy, primarily through Adwords and LinkedIn, to ensure a steady stream of smaller clients visiting your website and placing orders using forms, chat and phone.

These small bookings are primarily team building activities and ensure a steady cash flow that will fuel your operations department and keep them busy and on top of things.

For this to work for you, you need to set up an efficient operations department that will work autonomously, without having to consult you on every decision.


Traditional Sales Activities Will Get You The Large Orders

Once you get that part of your business streamlined, you should shift your focus towards signing the large accounts.

Targeting event agencies and large corporations with more than 300 employees is an effective sales strategy, and that's all about setting up meetings, discussing value propositions and retaining healthy business relationships with the right people.


It's All About Listening - And Listening Is All About Asking Questions

Your job will be to make sure that your prospective clients know that you understand their business and what's important to them, so that you can offer the solutions that best meet their demands.

That means you have to be a great listener.

Discovery Days - The Best Way To Ensure A Steady Stream Of Meetings

What you want is a steady stream of meetings in your target audience. And the best way to get that is to organize events or "discovery days" where people from the industry can come and try out the products first hand.

We have a number of examples that show why this is an unbeatable marketing strategy, and we will share them with you once we get started.

Delivering Active Meetings and Games

Our tablets are pre-programmed to make sure engagement reaches rocket-high-levels and that the event runs smoothly, with no hick-ups.

Let The Tabs, Checklists and Instructions Do The Work For You

We've innovated a system that you will fall in love with. Organizing an event for hundreds of participants has never been this easy for you, or this engaging for the participants.

Your tabs will contain the games, videos, workshops and instructions that make the whole experience flow perfectly. You just download the customized app to your tablets and press start, and they'll take care of the job for you. That means you can focus on impeccable presentations and superb client care on site.

Invaluable Feedback Immediately Accessible

It also means that you can sit down during the game or workshop and follow each team's progress live.

Our clients love sitting down during the event to study answers to workshop questions or statistics on how well teams are managing in solving dilemmas. While teams are playing, a feedback presentation is typically prepared by management, giving the whole conference a modern and open feeling.

Here's an example of a management team from Tobii Dynavox looking at incoming team answers:

Business Administration

Naturally, the typical administrative chores for any business will apply.

You'll have to take care of things like finding office premises, recruiting talent, listening to and motivating staff and the likes.

We'll make sure you get some valuable help in this area also.

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An Example - Goals And Activities Workshop

1. Videos and humor gears focus in the right direction

The workshop is initiated by a number of both entertaining and serious videos that shed light on the importance of goal setting and tangible activities that lead to goal-attainment.


A guided discussion exercise enables individuals to help each other understand the What and the Why with regards to organizational goals.

2. Have They Understood? Our Dialogue Tools Will Give You The Answer

Throughout the exercise, teams are asked to write summaries and clarifications of their discussions and send them in using the Tablet. Management looks through incoming answers during the workshop, leading to a guided dialogue held from stage in the middle of the workshop.

If necessary, discussions are initiated in order to reach better consensus and understanding.

3. Think In Terms Of Activities, Not Results

Puzzles and quizzes are used to train and teach the teams in understanding the difference between Goals (the result of my work) and Activities (my work, what I do).


Individuals are asked to write down activities that they can get going with once back at work, and interesting activities are noted and fed back to the audience from stage.

4. Brainstorm

Finally, the teams engage in creative idea generation and are asked to send their best ideas using the tablet.

Our Bespoke Experiences

Clients that have experienced our packaged games and workshops are usually hungry for more, and the typical way to prolong the relationship is to start digging in to their real challenges and building unique concepts based on unique challenges.

Everything Can Easily Be Altered And Tailored

We've designed a flexible workshop and game building tool that enables our consultants to create new games and workshops or adapt existing ones. A Customer Centricity Workshop can for instance be changed to emphasize the learning part of the workshop over discussion, or an Exploration Challenge can be mixed with a Valuation Game, so that teams solve the business related dilemmas while playing the city game.

MP War Room_2

The sky is truly the limit here. One example of what we've done is designing a unique gamified setup for Electrolux:

One Of Many Examples - "New At Electrolux"

Electrolux wanted to create a standardized, more engaging way to educate and welcome new employees to the company.

Tablets Guide Participants To Different Stations


Electrolux gathered 60 new employees and divided them into teams of 6 participants. Each team was equipped with a pre-programmed Tablet that guided them to the different stations on exact times and in perfect synchronization with other teams.

Dialogue And Gamification Means Efficient Information Sharing

In each room, a presentation was held on a specific topic. Since all rooms were active simultaneously, the large group could be divided into sub-groups that were given a closer contact with speakers and products exhibited in the stands. This closer contact enables a question/answer-dialogue between speakers and audience that makes communication much more efficient and engaging.


Also, the tablets triggered engaging quizzes and game-like questionnaires that put knowledge to the test and laid the basis for an entertaining experience.

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