Step 4: Our Offering What we bring to the table

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We offer a scalable and future proof business, ready to be setup within months anywhere in the world

What we have

A turnkey concept with 20 solutions to engage staff and customers, that can easily be adapted to any client's needs. Our concept excels in driving engagement because it is based on proven methodology that combines gamification techniques, off-the-shelf products and proprietary technology. It's fun, digital and measurable.


The Area Development License offer includes:
  • The exclusive rights to the marketing, sales and operation of our solutions in a region.
  • 20+ digital solutions to help clients Communicate and Embed Change in a new, more engaging way
  • Proprietary technology, continuously developed
  • The business model, know-how and 12 years' accumulated experience of Green Hat People
  • Ongoing concept development
  • Comprehensive, continuous training regarding the services, operations, marketing, sales and other key areas.
  • Business Advise and Technical support
  • Best practices and case studies from all our offices
  • Brands
  • website
  • Sales & Marketing support
  • CRM and administrative systems.

We would be delighted to setup a phone meeting to go through the offer in more detail. Please get in touch through the form below.


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Why join Green Hat People?

We believe the future belongs to companies that can combine the latest technology with proprietary content. We offer you both. When you become a Green Hat People Area Developer, you gain a strong head start in a future proof business with a truly engaging and modern offering. And our job is to help you realise this potential.


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