Step 3: About the company Our history and where we are headed

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Green Hat People was founded in 2006 and is now expanding rapidly across Europe and beyond. Do you want to be part of the network?

How it all came to be

Green Hat People was founded in Sweden in 2006 by managers from FMCG industry rivals P&G and Unilever. The founders saw a need to shake up the strict corporate environments they had left and boost employee engagement. By using new mobile technology and game mechanisms, they saw a potential to achieve better results, fast and with scale. 

Green Hat People is now present in seven countries, with a team of 35 people dedicated to launching new initiatives, improving corporate meetings and embedding Culture & Values in a more engaging way for our clients. More than 8,000 corporations and 1,000,000 employees have experienced our solutions, achieving a recommendation rate of 97%.

The Founding Partners

Two of our founders are still active in the business.

Erik Sandgren


Erik is COO and Head of Concept Development. His team provides support to franchisees and also makes sure they have all the documentation, sales material and training needed to offer their clients a superb experience. Erik also manages some of our larger clients, as we all do, to not lose track of what real clients really need. Furthermore, Erik oversees technical and product development to ensure our concept will remain world class in the future.

Niklas Tyllström


Niklas is our group CEO and makes sure everyone is motivated, happy and does their job. Niklas works closely with our Stockholm-based clients and ensures we have a steady stream of large clients in the pipeline, so that we continually learn and innovate new products for our Area Developers to sell in their respective markets. Niklas also spear heads sales of new products before they are launched across all markets.

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The expansion - Sweden and Norway

In 2011, GHP decided to initiate a growth strategy through franchising. An Area Developer was recruited in Southern Sweden as a trial case of the expansion model. In 2012, contacts were initiated from Norway leading to an Area Developer agreement being signed for the Norwegian market in early 2013.

Intense Product Development and Proof of Concept

Following two years of aggressive product innovation and growth in 2013 and 2014 (30 % - 40 % year-on-year), we then achieved a true proof of concept in several markets and were ready to establish Area Developers in new markets.

Wave 2 & 3  - North London, Barcelona and Copenhagen

In Q2 2016, we started up two Area Developers in North London and Barcelona, followed by Copenhagen in late 2017. As things have progressed really well we are now looking for entrepreneurs in the UK, Europe and beyond with proven business capability, relevant experience and means to fund the sought growth of business operations.

The Area Developer will be responsible for establishing a limited company whose sole business will be the marketing, sales and running of the Services based on the Green Hat People Concept.

 Wave 4 - São Paulo, Brazil

For 2019 we are excited to be opening in up in Brazil's largest city, São Paulo. We are on the lookout for new cities, are you our next Area Developer?

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