Step 2: Our Customers and Solutions The Value we add to our clients

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Active Learning and Employee Engagement Since 2006

Since we started out back in 2006, we’ve created a strong and rapidly growing position in the industry by providing tools and processes that add real value to our corporate clients.

What our clients want and their challenges

We deliver creative solutions to our clients' most complex Internal communication and Employee engagement challenges. Although custom-designed, all products are based on efficient templates. Some of the most common challenges include:

Experiences for any size or level

Our customers come from a variety of industries, including Finance, Construction, Government and Professional Services. Our deliveries range from dozens of people up to thousands. We pride ourselves in being able to create immersive, highly engaging experiences for any level at the company. 

team building with Green Hat People

Our workshops and games are powered by apps on tablets during events, a unique solution that enables us to reach unprecedented levels of engagement, as well as handle logistics and collect big data from very large groups of people.

The customers for the products and services can be any size business from SME’s to large corporates. There are packaged experiences for small groups ranging from 6 people to a conference event for 6,000.

Every business that has a need to communicate with their employees and teams is a potential customer. The products can be used for sharing plans and strategic goals or trying to strengthen team interaction. The need to ‘get people together’ has never been stronger but there is a need to make these meetings and events meaningful, memorable and effective.

We've energized over 1,000,000 people

To date, more than 1,000,000 people have participated in corporate events or workshops using our products and services. Since 2016 our head count has doubled and we now run close to 1500 events from our 7 offices.

No Client Is Too Big Nor Too Small

Our Workshops and Games help companies of all sizes and from all industries create better engagement and internal communication.

Not once have we turned down a client based on group size and seldom do we meet an interested party that is not able to find something that suits their needs.

Recognize Any Of These Multinationals?
Accenture, Alfa Laval, American Express, Assa Abloy, Atlas Copco, Boliden, Booz & Company, Bosch and Siemens, Cap Gemini, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, De Laval, Deloitte, DHL, Dormer Tools, EF Education First, Electrolux, Ericsson, Fortum, General Electric (GE), Gilead, GS1, H&M, Hi3g Access, Husqvarna, IKEA, Johnson & Johnson, Kia Motors, Klarna, KPMG, Manpower, Millicom, Modern Times Groupd (MTG), NCC, Oriflame, Pfizer, Preem, PWC, Roschier, Sandvik, SAS, Seco Tools, Securitas, Sirius Group, Statoil, TDC, Unibet, Unilever, Zurich Insurance.

We'll Help You Get In Touch With Them

The corporations listed above have all been our clients, and they all have offices in the major business regions of Europe.

Many of the listed brands are included in our collection of documented case studies; so if ever you find yourself at a meeting with managers from Pfizer or Gilead, we can easily supply you with a description of what they experienced, along with contact details to their Scandinavian colleagues.

Customer Testimonials





"I have never experienced so many people spontaneously coming up to me and telling me how great the day was and how fun it was to work in groups during the two hours that the experience lasted. As a bonus, all the data that was entered into the tablets are now stored and will be of good use for future analysis."

Alan Moore, Chief Underwriting Officer at Zurich Insurance Nordic


"The Customer Exercise that was conducted with Green Hat People was the best part of the entire conference! What pleased us most was that that the exercise seemed relevant, comprehensive and contained exactly the elements that create the debate and reflection we needed. Moreover, many were happy that we focused on the customer perspective so clearly. The result was just wonderfully appreciated!! Many have told us that this was the best conference they have ever been to!"

-Niklas Werge, Head of Internal Communications, RSA Scandinavia


"I'd like to thank you and all your staff that you made our conference the best event we've had. We clearly communicated our vision and brand promise, our company culture and values. The mixture of activities, venues and facilities made it exciting, modern, forward-looking and signaled change. Many thanks from a happy and proud CEO of Grant Thornton!" - Peter Bodin, CEO Grant Thornton Sweden


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Our solutions

Powered by the latest technology, we and engage employees on an entirely new level. Our main business areas are: Culture & Values Programmes, Games Based Learning, Active Meetings and Team Activities.


Culture & Values Programmes

Our programmes help clients bring their Culture & Values to life. We achieve this by combining the latest technology with gamification mechanisms to transform the Values & Behaviours into fun, practical methods for the employees.

Every Core Values Journey is based on templates but customised to meet the client’s objectives and needs. Our offering include a number of highly engaging, tech based activation formats, as well as a very efficient way to launch and roll-out the program across the organisation.


Game Based Learning - Say it with a Game!

Our clients are always looking for new, engaging ways to communicate with staff and customers. When you gamify a challenge, you get better results, faster.

We put the client’s message at the core of our captivating games to energize and engage teams and spark an understanding and connection with their business. These products work for small or large teams (from a huddle of six to a group of thousands) and are designed to crack a variety of challenges. From rolling out a new communication strategy to launching new products, here’s a snapshot of some popular topics we've helped gamify:

Become more Customer Centric

Launch new medicines to veterinaries

Communicate Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

Understand Digital Transformation Game

Pricing Transformation


Company Meetings - Maximising Audience Engagement

We take a different approach to corporate meetings. Forget passive spectators in darkened auditoriums! Our proven concepts are based on peer-2-peer learning and turn ALL employees into active contributors. Our Active Meetings concept has supercharged over 12,000 meetings to date.

Peer-2-Peer Learning

Contrary to passive listening and PowerPoint marathons, we create engagement around your topic by letting small teams of 4-6 people discuss your challenges and come up with solutions.

Our methodology is to give participants ownership of your topic, let them solve challenges and share knowledge in a controlled format. We collect responses and solutions and display the most useful ones publicly to share best practice in the room. In small breakout groups people tend to open up and share their opinions freely. The magic really happens when knowledge and ideas are shared.

Controlled format

The technology make sure the questions are sharp, the discussions perfectly timed and that a response is collected. We help take the participants from Passive Listeners to Active Contributors. We make sure that every single individual is active throughout the meeting, through vivid peer-2-peer group discussions. That is what drives real engagement.




Team Building Activities

Our off-the-shelf games are designed to make people talk, think and connect in new ways. Each year, we send over 500 teams off on extraordinary, thrilling and memorable group experiences. Similarly to our workshops and business games, we use the latest technology (including sleek, fast tablets) and work with teams of any size.

Team building

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Here’s What We Look Like In Action


But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It - 97 % Would Recommend Us To Others

In one of our recent studies, we asked our clients if they would recommend our interactive meetings to others that were planning a conference.

graph asked clients

It’s All About Happy Clients - at the end of the day, this is how we know we’re doing a good job


”Fun, interactive and very inspiring”

– Elisabeth Carlen, Senior Service Specialist, Zurich


”Exciting, modern, future oriented and signals change”

– Peter Bodin, CEO, Grant Thornton


”I have never experienced so many people spontaneously coming up to me and telling me how great the day was and how fun it was to work in groups during the two hours that the experience lasted.”

– Herman von Greiff, Country Manager, Basware


And Happy Area Developers

Creating an inspired, excited and awesome team is part of our secret to success


Area Developer Knut Skille, Oslo:

“I’ve been working in the events industry for 15 years and have never come across anything as powerful as the Green Hat People product offerings.

The team building activities were easily sold from the start and the more advanced products, especially the business games, are attracting a lot of attention and are proving to be easily sold and wonderfully simple to adapt and deliver.

As an Area Developer, I’m leading a highly profitable enterprise where we can arrange extremely valuable activities for our clients at minimal work from our part. The products are well thought through, nicely packaged, tried and tested and of very high quality.

I sincerely think that we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these types of offerings in Oslo. The events industry over here is really longing for new, fresh and exciting content, and the products and services that we can offer are so far ahead of the competition that it feels like we can keep on going for a long time.”

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