Step 1: Our Story Why We Do What We Do

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After attending too many disengaging PowerPoint marathons we got an idea. 

How about re-inventing how companies communicate with staff, and achieve more engagement?

Engagement matters

Engaged employees are the fuel of successful organisations. Dozens of research papers show that engagement rates are directly correlated to sales growth, profits, retention and other important metrics. However, across the world, engagement rates among staff are dropping.

Did You Know…

  • Only 1/3 of employees in the UK say they are actively engaged at work
  • Companies with engagement scores in the top quartile had twice the annual net profit of those in the bottom quartile
  • Companies with higher levels of engagement show a turnover rate 40% lower than companies with lowevels of engagement


Why we exist

Our vision is to help companies across the world reach new levels of workplace engagement, in order to achieve their goals faster.

Our strategy is to become a leading global People Engagement Provider by offering solutions that are fun, digital, reliable and simple to use. We help clients Communicate and Embed Change in a new, more engaging way, with a unique blend of live meetings and scalable platforms.

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I want to know more

How to get there - Our methodologies

Long lectures, uncomfy seats, one-way conversations and all that sitting around seemed like an unlikely recipe for success.

Why do messages so rarely stick? Why aren't meetings more engaging? When did communication become lectures? Maybe there is a better way of doing it?


Important Information Gets Lost - Did you know 16 out of 20 slides are forgotten?

A recent study of over 1,500 participants concluded that, on average, people remember 4 PowerPoint slides out of 20 after 48 hours.

Worse still, after a couple more days retention rates declined even more. By then:

  • Audiences remember only 10% of the content,
  • And the 10% that one person remembers typically differs from the 10% another person remembers


Even At Manager Level, The Statistics Are Grim

An MIT study concluded that the same retention problems persist, much to the surprise of executives

The survey of 8,000 managers in 250 corporations found that only 55% of managers could name a single one of their company’s top five priorities. This was a big surprise to executives.

If you want to learn more,  this Harvard Business Review video explains why strategic objectives are poorly understood:


Not To Get Too Technical, But It’s All To Do With Cognitive Filters

The average person has sat through 1,000 PowerPoint presentations before. Cognitive Filters mean that when we think we’ve seen or heard something before, we tune out. To overcome Cognitive Bias, we have to truly experience our information, not just hear it.


Luckily, There’s A Solution And It’s Called Active Learning


"Active Learning is the process of using Gamification and Team Work to bolster Audience Engagement and enhance learning."

The National Academy of Sciences concluded that Active Learning makes student failure rates plummet by 35 % compared to traditional lectures. This was the largest and most comprehensive review of the effect of Active Learning in education, and there’s plenty more research that praises this process. Read the full article in Wired here.


Active Learning Puts The “Learning Pyramid” To Work

American Educationist Edgar Dale’s pyramid rates the effectiveness of the various methods of learning


The Implications For Corporate Communication Are Immense

“If executives really want their strategies to be understood they should focus less on their PowerPoint slides and more on how they structure and lead discussions in the organization”

-Donald Sull HBR 


Armed With This Intel, We Decided To Do Things Differently

We steer clear of PowerPoint Marathons and focus on the participants

  • WE ENGAGE: We embed active listening, two-way communication and immersive participation
  • WE INSPIRE: We use proven gamification techniques and challenges
  • WE UNDERSTAND: We deliver premium content, tailored to clients’ needs


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